Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Body Finder Trailer

The Body Finder by Kimberly Derting
will be released in March of this year!

For your viewing enjoyment, I give you the new splendid book trailer =)

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Triple Book Launch @ Yorkdale Indigo

January has certainly been a month for book signings and book launches!

Today was the triple book launch of:
Deborah Kerbel's Girl on The Other Side
Marina Cohen's Ghost Ride
and Mahtab Narsimhan's The Silver Anklet

The ladies introduced their stories, cut amazing bookcover cakes and signed copies of their novels. I believe I recognized other authors in attandance but seeing as how I know them on a "I-follow-you-on-twitter" basis, I wasn't quite sure how to introduce myself haha! It is really wonderful to see how they support each other. I'm very much in favour of supporting local talent and I believe that without it, many authors would not get the recognition and encouragment that they deserve.

I have read both Deb's and Marina's books and really enjoyed them. I can not wait to start Mahtab's books because I am already captivated by the summary. For more information about the three authors and their novels, check out

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Darklight Book Launch

Darklight by Lesley Livingston (The sequel to Wondrous Strange and second book in the trilogy)is available for purchase and as I am a huge fan of havoc causing fair folk, 'through-the-depths-of-hell-and-we'll-still-survive' romance, and New York, New York- I can't simply praise this series enough.

As the title of the post suggests, today was the book launch party for Darklight.

The event was held at the Dominion on Queen in Toronto. Lesley read an excerpt from the novel, revealed the new book trailer for Darklight and signed many many books. (The line went from one end of the room to the other and it became the means for cake transportation. Cake? Yep, for it was also Lesley's birthday!)

Such a pretty cake!

I was very fortunate to attend the event because I not only had the oppertunity to meet the clever woman behind the beautiful books but I also got to see what an awesome person she is. She was exceptionally funny!

There was one such incident that had me laughing out loud.

Hahaha, yes that is an 'H' crossed out! I thought it was hilarious and didn't really mind that she forgot about the no 'H' but she adjusted the signature in her own way, which made me laugh even more. And though she most certainly is -not- an idiot (as her little comment reads), it really does show her lovely sense of humour and I now have a story to go with a very unique Lesley Livingston signature =)

It was a fantastic event and I can not wait for the third installment in the series!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Holidaze with the Debs @ the Eaton Centre

Today was the much anticipated Holidaze with the Debs event in Toronto!

I drove straight from work (in Mississauga) to the Eaton Centre. I had less than a quarter tank of gas, took the non-highway route because I'm still not entirely comfortable with them (even after 5 years...) and handed my keys to the odd man at the parking lot who requested them. Odd? Perhaps. I figured that maybe that is how parking worked in the big city. I mean...they had legit enough signs posted. Luckily, no one took off with my car and I met with my friend Amena just outside the Indigo in the mall.

The authors are all lovely! They are a very merry bunch =). The ladies were so friendly and it was great to meet new faces, as well as see a familar one (Hi Megan!)

The authors in attendance were Megan Crewe, Neesha Meminger, Rhonda Stapleton, and Lara Zielin and in spirit, Sarah Ockler.

Here are my goodies from the event!

Give up the Ghost by Megan Crewe
-This is the third time I have bought this book. Once for myself, once for my cousin and this time for my friend, hence why this one is addressed to "Michelle". Amazing book!

Stupid Cupid
by Rhonda Stapleton - This book sounds hilarious, I can't wait to read this!

Donut Days by Lara Zielin
- Another one I'm eager to read and yes, I got donut seeds, Jealoouuss?

Shine, Coconut Moon by Neesha Meminger - This sounds like a really great novel- I've heard great things and I can't wait to start.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Smudge's Mark Book Trailer

So I may have been stuck in a shuttle bus from University of Toronto to the Mississauga campus for an hour and forty minutes and then left my favourite pair of mittens in said bus but things are a bit brighter now that I happened by special treat.

A new Smudge's Mark book trailer!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year's Day everyone =)

I apologize that I've been missing in action over the holidays. I thought I'd have plenty of spare time and I was wrong.However, I did get quite a fair bit of reading done and I hope to post new reviews soon!

I have mixed feelings about the year 2009 but when it comes to books I've read, it was by far one of the best. In total I read about 45 books. It was short of my 50 book goal but the goal was made late in the year, so I believe I can forgive myself.

2009 Highlights
Favourite YA Book of the Year : Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater
Favourite YA Author of the Year: Maggie Stiefvater
Favourite Children's 2009 Debut Author: Claudia Osmond - Smudge's Mark
Favourite YA 2009 Debut Author: Megan Crewe - Give Up the Ghost
Favourite Children's Series of 2009: Percy Jackson and the Olympians by Rick Riordan
Favourite YA Series of 2009: Tie between The Immortal Instruments Trilogy by Cassandra Clare and The Hunger Games books by Suzanne Collins

And finally, what new year post would be complete without some goals?

So here are mine for 2010!

Blog Related
1) Post more reviews!
2) Host a contest soon

Book Related
1)Read at least 75 books this year
2)At least 30 of those being debut titles- more about that in my 2010 Debut Author Challenge Post
3)Read and Spotlight more Torkidlit authors

1)Write more. Much much more.
2)Be healthier
3)Reduce slackage in my last year at University of Toronto(Woot!). I'd eliminate it...but then leisure reading would suffer ;)

Wishing you all the best in the new year!
Miss Dormer at The Novel Emporium
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