Friday, November 27, 2009

Rating System

The Novel Emporium's Rating System

 The Novel Emporium's rating system is based on the five star system common with popular book review websites and blogs. Certain individual categories of a novel (i.e. characters) will be given a score from one leaf to five. One leaf translates to 'poor', two leaves to 'okay', three leaves to 'good', four leaves to 'very good' and five leaves to 'excellent'. 

The guide to the overall rating of a novel, which is based on the accumulation of the individual category ratings, is as follows:                                                                                          

Five  Leaves: An amazing read! This story was exceptionally gratifying and considered a personal favourite. In my opinion, this story is the epitome of the crafty, well-written YA/children's novel. It encompasses a uniquely distinctive style, memorable characters and a certain je ne sais quoi that together, make it stand apart from the rest. I highly recommend this story to all readers of the YA/Children's genre or anyone open to trying.

  Four Leaves: A great read! This story was very enjoyable and certainly memorable. It consisted of a respectable use of craft and wit and the writing style is often distinctive and commendable. Always recommended.

 Three Leaves: A good read! This story,despite coming short of being really memorable, was pleasant enough to read at the time. It is lot more enjoyable than a two leaves novel, though considerably less gratifying than a four leaves rating.This story, like the ratings below it, is often absent of any real depth and substance. Commonly recommended but not with great enthusiasm.

 Two Leaves: An alright read.This story does not leave a lasting impression but there were a few redeeming qualities which made it at least somewhat entertaining or in the very least, tolerable. Not likely to recommend but if it' just a matter of taste, I may consider it.

One Leaf: An unsatisfactory read. This story has failed to impress me and for the majority is of poor quality and lacking any real substance.Based on my opinion, I would NOT recommend this title.   

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